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How To Support


Scholarship Fund T-Shirt: You can also get yourself a t-shirt to help donate to our scholarship fund here.

Huge thank you to everyone who has supported us. From grants to letting us sleep on your floor, loaning us gear, watching our dogs, skipping a beer to buy one of our stickers- it takes a village to make our climbing projects possible. We could not have done it without all of you. 


Past Grant Awards and Supporters:  American Alpine Club's Live You Dream Grant, American Alpine Club's Mountaineering Fellowship Grant, British Mountaineering Council's Julie Tullis Memorial Award, and NOLS Instructor Development Fund.


We were incredibly honored to partner with Sealaska through their philanthropy program for one of our past expeditions. Several of us were born and raised in Southeast Alaska on the ancestral and present-day homelands of the Tlingit people. Here we have become acquainted with the mountains, have gotten to know the land, and have been nourished by a community that Sealaska and its shareholders have been the backbone of. Our gratitude extends beyond words. 

Past Organizational and Company Support: Alaska Mountaineering School for loaning us gear and a yurt while we were waiting to fly in to the Alaska Range, UAS Outdoor Studies Program for loaning us gear, Evan from the Firn Line for sharing our story, Wrangell Mountain Center for the beautiful cabin in McCarthy, Alaska Claim Jumpers for the buffs and patches, NOLS Alaska Branch for loaning us gear, Cliff Bar for the donation, SWAK Magazine for outreach help, and all the local shops around Juneau that let us sell our stickers.


Past Individual Support:  Kaiti Kinshella, Nadine Lehner, Seton Talty, Grace Corrigan, Cathy Bothelo, Barbara McCaffrey, Annie Boucher, Sarah Gotwals, Helen Hamel, Haley Dunleavy, Joanna Young, Nicole Kovacs, Madison Markel, Melis Coady, Aaron Hammer, Mary James, Madeline Kombrink, Tim Hall, Cyde Coil, Haley Nelson, Kara Murray, Madeline Hall, Sarah Newton, Molly Peek, Emily Stewart, Megan Kober, Hannah Black, Kailey Adkins, Katie Hampton, Zach Andrada, Michael Sawyer, Forrest Kohere, Kourtney Johnson, Dan Palmer, Margaret Sherman, Jerry Demmert, Roman Vivarelli, Jessica Johnson, Matt Lubar, Gus Elwani, Adam McComb, Andrew Munas, Sara Riccabone, Erica Lamb, Michael Klassen, Sophie Marks, Patt Garrett, Scott Bell, Joan Gianotti, Sharon Whytal, Ian McClane, Opus Hut Guests, Eason Warren, Molly Harrison, Tammy Wetzel, Aaron Lind, Curtis Hurley, Chelsea Owens, Chad Patten, Cheryl Frye, Amy Rosenblum, Peter Nave, Terry Patten, Molly Wieringa, Helena Victor, Brittany Ooman, Vinny Vigorita, Sebastian Ashley, Clayton Jacobson, Alyssa Florack, Hannah Mode, Elijah Dorr-Fay, Nancy March McGarry, Sonia, Audrey Freeman, Hannah Gerrish, Louise Bishop, Danielle Bessent, Jordi Maisch, Phillip Wilson, Britta Hamre, Madeline Johnson, Megan Evanson, Tristan Helzer, Katie Bourque, Meg Knysh, Alice Ottoson-McKeen, Brian O'Sullivan, Nate Anderson, Kit Cunningham, Cameron Hygate, Whitney Wiley, Sierra Ezrre, Jaclyn Fortier, Lauren Kochanoski, Melissa Bogert, Camille Jones, Micah Maleug, Lindsay Clark, Jenna Drammer, Gregory Connaroe, Katherine Cornelius, Nina Elder, Lucienne Wurr, Sarah Fortner, Cameron Williams, Gianotti Family, Clark Family, Kat Spregard, Robin Mayo, Jon Callahan,  Helen Hamel, Kate Harris, Seton Talty, Cathy Connor, Molly Peek, Jessica Rosvall, Leah Nelson, Arlene Rosenkrans, Sarah Meyer, Caitlin McElhinny, Mary Hausler, Barbara McCaffrey, Pat Hughes, Julie Coppens, Kellianne Humphrey, Sonia Perillat, Jacob Lauten, Nathan Blandford, Kevin Maier, Hailee Shevery, Daniel Monteith, Alex Barsekian, Gillian Christian, Tiffany Wang, Kristin Link, Byron & Caitlin Hoerner, Kelly Frye, Shilah Butler, Alyssa Vanek, Lindsey Nicholson, Eva Fish, Abigail Gore, Lynn Meyer, Barbara Cellarius,  Peter Logan, Miles Gayton, Dana Betts, Geoffrey Bleakley,  Julie Kosa, Lillian, Denise, Lora, Olivia, Matt, Austin, Gabe, Fiona, Rita, Helen, Forest, Alison and everyone who bought a sticker from any other jars around local shops in Juneau. 


Other Thank Yous: Thanks Mark and Margy for letting us take over your house for a few days. It was an amazing base camp! Huge thank you to our parents. Sorry for terrifying you and raising your blood pressure on a regular basis. Also thank you to the rest of our families, friends, significant others and dogs (Gilkey and Bentley).  We try extra hard to come back safe and sound because of all of you. Thanks to our awesome pilots Wally and Zak for getting us there safety. Huge thank you to Roxanne for letting us take over your upstairs when we were weathered-in and for putting up with our smells after the expedition. The showers after the trip before the ferry ride were a game changer.

We love all of you so much. We are not worthy.


 Were also open to other creative ways to work together. Email us at if you can think of a way we can help each other out. Thanks!

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