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About Us

AK Mountain Women is an all-female ski mountaineering team that loves back country skiing, climbing, ski mountaineering in Alaska. The goal of the group was to cultivate a strong community of women dedicated to challenging and educating ourselves and others about glacial mountaineering and big remote mountains. We will be sharing all of our stories and our planning processes along the way in hopes to spark a desire for exploration among other outdoor enthusiasts.

"Going on an expedition with this incredible group of women was one of the most empowering things I've ever had the opportunity to do. These women easily acknowledged my strengths and how I could contribute to the group instead of focusing on my weaknesses. On a trip where I doubted what I had to offer, it made me feel like an important and vital member, rather than a burden. I felt strong, safe, loved, and most of all grateful to be taught by the most humble women I've had the pleasure to meet."

-Ashley Klassen

Wrangell-St.Elias Expedition

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